First Vinyl Record Album I Bought

Grateful Dead Blues for Allah on vinyl

It was grade 9 and the year was 1974. There were record shops all over Vancouver in those days but the best, the VERY best, was on Seymour street in downtown Vancouver, and it was called A&B Records. By the standards of the day it was immense… probably a quarter of the size of your […]


Post-Modern Vinyl Record Collecting and Storage Why “Post-Modern”? Today’s record collector is not the guy who rues the day vinyl lost the battle to the Compact Disc. When was that anyways, in the mid-1980’s? Nor was it when CD’s began to take a back seat to the MP3! The Post-Modern Vinyl Record collector is an […]

Eclectic Vinyl Mason Williams

The cover of Mason Williams' Handmade Album

In 1970 Mason Williams produced an album entitled, “Handmade”. I still have my copy! Mason Williams is most known for “Classical Gas”, a guitar instrumental that became popular when performed with an orchestra in later years. This is the album I grew up with, and the original version of the song. I still find it […]

Vinyl Record Cleaning and Storage

Why Store Your Vinyl Properly? Vinyl records are an amazing form of information storage. Those big black disks are prized today for their superior fidelity and durability. It is critical to store your records properly. Keep them vertical and never pile them flat on top of each other. It’s ideal to keep your collection around […]

Jim Croce My First Vinyl

Jim Croce "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" 1972

The very first vinyl record album I ever owned was Jim Croce’s “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” album of 1972.

The World’s Largest Record Collection

Great Record Collection Video on Youtube:

Vinyl Cover Art


Sampling of Great Cover Art Collections This collection of artwork by Grant Scott,  Barry Miles, and Johnny Morgan is a classic, portraying the entire psychedelic trend in cover art. New Music Graphics is a look at more recent cover design by Adrian Shaugnessy. The author focuses on the work of around 30 arists. Cover Albums From […]

Great Cover Art Sources

The Album Cover Album

Vinyl Cover Art was for decades the place for every new and crazy pop art twist.

Goldmine Vinyl Price Guides Still On Top of Charts

Goldmine was created in 1974 by Brian Bukantis who realized that a price guide for vinyl records and other recordings was not available. Mr Bukantis was convinced that enough people were collecting  records even at that point in time that a price guide and listing service would fill a large niche market in the music […]